What's A MAV3RIQ?

A MAV3RIQ is a winner. Not because of what they do... but because of who they are. It's less about achievement and more about identity.  We've all been created with unique gifts and talents that are designed to be expressed differently. A MAV3RIQ won't allow you to define their God given destiny with your negativity or limitations. As a MAV3RIQ we understand that we are history in the making and we embrace the challenge of creating the future we envision. We move with love, we move with passion, and we refuse to accept excuses. You may not always understand us, and that's okay. We're cut from a different cloth with a different set of standards. At times we zig when the world wants us to zag. We don't do it because it's cool; or just for the sake of being different. We do it because it's who we are... a MAV3RIQ.