MAV3RIQ Loyalty Program Details

The MAV3RIQ Loyalty program is our way of saying thank you to all our fantastic MAV3RIQ Apparel Family! Make sure to create a MAV3RIQ Shop account today to start earning on every purchase!

Please see below for how the program works: 

How many MAV3RIQ Coins do I earn for shopping in the MAV3RIQ Shop?
- To start you will earn 1.5 MAV3RIQ coins for every dollar you spend!
- Once you spend $500.00 you will be automatically upgraded to "BEAST Mode" which will then increase your earnings to 3 coins for every dollar spent.
- The next tier is "BOSS Level" and is reached by spending $1000.00 in the MAV3RIQ Shop. Member's of the BOSS Level tier will earn 5 coins for every dollar spent. 
- The last tier is "GOAT Status." GOAT status is reached by spending $1500.00 or more in the MAV3RIQ Shop. Once you achieve GOAT status you will receive 7 coins for every dollar you spend in the MAV3RIQ Shop! 

How do you earn MAV3RIQ Coins?
- Points are earned every time you make a purchase in the MAV3RIQ Shop! You also earn points for every month you are subscribed to the MAV3RIQ Box! 

Are there any items that do not earn you MAV3RIQ Coins?
- The only things that will not earn you coins is the cost of shipping & handling and the tax on your order.

How do I redeem my MAV3RIQ Coins?
- When you have enough items to redeem for an item, click on the item you want and there will be an option to purchase the item with points instead of adding it to your cart. (Points cannot be applied towards shipping.)

Are there any items I can't use my points to redeem?
- Unfortunately, the only item that you cannot use points for is our 'MAV3RIQ Box' monthly subscription. This is because this is a monthly subscription and has to be charged to a credit card.

Do MAV3RIQ Coins expire?
- Nope! Your MAV3RIQ Coins will never expire so no need to worry!

Is there any way to earn more than the normal 7 points per dollar?
- Yes! Sometimes we have special bonus point promotions/items. Make sure you're signed up to receive our email updates to get alerted of when there are special bonus coin promotions!

There are lots of MAV3RIQ flash sales. Can I earn points on those flash sale purchases as well?
- Absolutely! We love you so much that we want to make sure you get all the coins for flash sales as well as your normal orders from the Shop. However, these flash sale coins are credited to your account manually so please allow up to 14 business days for your account to be credited.